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Actuator Valve

We are one of the leading Actuator valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Our actuator valves are designed and manufactured as per latest international norms and standards. Our offered actuator valves ensure economy, reliability and efficiency for various industrial as well as commercial applications. Actuator Valve is used to control medium flow, it is form of quarter turn valve. It works when hole of actuator valve is in straight line with the medium flow and closed when turned at 90 degree of flow with the help of valve handle. Valve handle is mainly responsible for different valve position. It lies with the flow alignment for open position and move perpendicular when closed.

Actuator Valves are considered best to many other similar type of industrial valves because they are user friendly, durable, reliable for many operational cycles, can regulate high pressure, volume and temperature of flow. They are able to provide secure closing service even after long operational use. These properties make them excellent choice over globe and gate valves for controlling various industrial and commercial applications. Actuator valves always considered superior over other valves because these sturdy valves are inexpensive and provide long operational life. Moreover our advanced designed regulating valves are working without side load concern, which often provide advantage over globe or butterfly valves. It’s ease of operation, minimum maintenance and long working life lend it to various industrial use supporting pressure up to 400 °C and pressure up to 1000 bar depending on size, design and material used to produce.

Our advanced manufacturing unit is capable to manufacture latest ball valve as per customer measurement and requirement. Our continuous R&D effort has made it possible to offer more convenient valves to ensure maximum efficiency for various applications. In addition our in house test facility provide more sturdy valve with minimum maintenance at lower costing. Customer can contact to fulfil their customize requirement at market leading prices

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