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Pneumatic Actuator

Pneumatic Actuator Supplier

We have the expertise and known as one of the prominent pneumatic actuator manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in India. We specialize in supplying and exporting a durable range of control valves and pneumatic actuator etc. Under the strict supervision of our experts, the complete range of valves and fittings are made using premium quality raw materials in our technical advance manufacturing shed. Our quality control professionals are responsible to test the quality of raw material and finished products on various parameters to ensure our clients will get only the best products.

Pneumatic actuator converts energy of compressed air/gas into mechanical motion. Pneumatic actuator contains piston and which can develop motive power. The air remains in the upper portion of the cylinder and thus pressure of air force enable the piston to move the steam of valve. Generally, the valve needs some amount of pressure to operate and increase input force. The output pressure is directly proportional to the size of the piston. Output pressure can be increased with the larger piston size; even it can provide the same output if air pressure is low, so same output pressure can be provided with less input. This pressure is enough to crush objects of the pipe. A small pneumatic valve can easily lift a car of 1000lbs with the input of 100kpa. This output pressure is transferred to the stem of the valve, which is connected to the other valve or valve plug and moving parts of the valve start moving to control flowing material inside the valve.

Valve input is known as a control signal and it can come from many measuring devices. The different setpoint is defined for different pressure for a valve. For example, the valve can control vessel pressure with the constant flow within and outflow. Vessel transmitter monitors vessel pressure and send signal of varied range (from minimum to maximum pressure). With the increase of pressure in the vessel, the output will rise and signal sent to the valve. Valve starts to move downward and reduces the flow of vessel. Resulting, the pressure of the valve will reduce and excess pressure will evacuate from the vessel. This process is known as a direct-acting process.

Pneumatic actuator is preferable device for engineers because they are quieter and compact in operation. It also provides clean and effective operation as main operating fluid is gas and leakage from pneumatic actuator will not contaminate the device surroundings. It will provide desired cleanliness easily. As a leading pneumatic actuator supplier in India, we are capable of providing pneumatic actuator as per customer requirement and specification at best discounted rate.