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Roto Seal Coupling

Roto seal coupling supplier

With long industry experience and expert knowledge, we are known as one of the leading roto seal coupling manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Our superior quality roto seal couplings are made under supervision of skilled and experienced professionals.

Roto seal coupling is the one type of rotating joint device which is used to allow rotation of united parts. It is one type of device which is working as a seal between rotating and stationary pipe for the easy flow of fluid. Here stationary pipe acts as a supply passage (such as pipe) and different rotating part (such as cylinder and drum) used for flow of fluid in/out of rotating parts. We design it such a way that any fluid whether it is grease oil, thermal oil, coolants, hydraulic fluid or mobile oil, can flow from one agent to another agent easily. The path of the agent is the rotating joint or rotating path. A rotary joint is also referred to as a rotary valve, roto seal, hydraulic coupling, rotary union, and rotating joints. From this platform, fluid can pass from one outlet to another outlet as well as it can store and transfer when required to do. The passing pipe from where the agent needs to pass, kept stationary because the joint is rotating by its own path to providing a proper pass.

A roto seal coupling will lock the input valve during rotating to meet an outlet valve. During this movement time, the fluid flow (gas or liquid) will flow into roto seal coupling from its source input and kept within the device. This fluid will release from the roto seal coupling when it meets with the valve opening during rotation and more fluid will enter into the coupling for next process. This coupling is designed such a way that it always rotates around its axis and provides constant movement under high pressure. Design of roto seal coupling varies as per the rpm, psi or number of valves required. It finds application in various industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, paper, food, plastic, steel, oil and many more. Roto seal couplings are available in variety of size and shapes, roto seal coupling suppliers are able to provide as per require job work and use.

These rotary devices are very useful and nowadays many roto seal coupling manufacturer made it as per specific requirement and characteristics. They are used in many places like in agricultural platforms, automotive industries, machine tool, for creation of plastic, manufacturing of steel, rubber and printing of paper. Our offered range of roto seal couplings are appreciated from customers for their long life service, durable body, high strength operation and anti corrosive characteristic. As a leading roto seal coupling supplier in India, we make available in various size, shape and as per customer specification.

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Roto Seal Coupling

Roto Seal Coupling