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Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve Supplier

We are one of the leading butterfly valve manufacturers, supplier and exporter in India. Our offered butterfly valves are used in various industries for many applications. They are highly appreciated by our all customers for its durability and effective performance. A butterfly valve is types of valve, that can regulates or isolate the fluid flow effectively. Rotating disk mechanism provides easy closing of valve. User friendly operation provides quick shut off because it is similar of ball valve. Butterfly valve has more priority than any other valve because it is compact; light weighted and need less support. Its simple design makes it less costly than other valves.

In the centre of the pipe, disc is situated and one rod passes through that disc to the actuator which is positioned outside of the butterfly valve. When the actuator rotates, the disc also turns to the parallel of the flow. In butterfly valve disc is always remain in the fluid flow and provides pressure drop. Butterfly valve belongs to a valve family known as quarter turn valves. While in the operation, the disc is rotated as quarter turn then the valve become fully close or open. The butterfly is mounted on rod as a metal disc. For completely closing the passage, the disc is turned so that the valve is closed. For providing unlimited passage to the fluid, the disc rotates quarter turn so that valve becomes fully open. For throttle flow, valve can be opened incrementally. There are many types of butterfly valves available with us, each valve require different pressure and has different usage such as zero offset butterfly valve has the minimum rating of pressure and use the rubber flexibility. For higher pressure system, high performance double offset butterfly valve is requiring. This type of valve, create action during operation and up the seat out from the seal to provide less friction than created in zero effect to decrease its wear and tear loss.

The triple offset butterfly valve is the best suited valve for high pressure system. In this valve, disc seat contact axis eliminates contact between seat and disc because they are offset. To achieve tight shut off of the valve, its seat is made of metal and machined effectively when comes in contact with the disc. We are known as the world class butterfly valve supplier because our products are different from other butterfly valve suppliers with their specific characteristics such as user friendly, durable body, easy to operate and maintain corrosion resistive and highly efficient. Our each and every butterfly valve is made under the strict supervision of the experienced professionals. We do all the work in this sector including manufacturing, testing, designing and assembly in our in-house manufacturing unit.

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